Interior Painting:

  • Pricing varies; a room can range from $300.00 up depending on the size and what is needed, and the same goes with stairways and hallways as well.
  • E.g. ceilings, trim, chair-rail, crown molding, window sash, repairs and even paint color and or color changes make a different, so we do not estimate over the phone; however we will answer any questions.
  • We also do interior wood stain and polyurethane finishes.

Exterior Painting:

  • Prices vary depending on what’s being done as well as the size and condition of the home/building.
  • E.G. the size of building, type of trim, window sash, condition of the old paint, same color, new color, multiple colors, doors, if trim only, shutters and rot repair, all play a roll in pricing, again we do not estimate over the phone, but will answer any questions.
  • Decks, fences, arbors, and trellises are priced by appointment only and vary depending on size and condition.

House fire renovations:

  • We have experience with house fire renovation and know the proper methods the best materials to use to seal coat smoke odor and water stained wood. We know what insurance companies want and accept for passing inspection. See “Fire Renovation Gallery”.

Lead Paint:

Some jobs may involve lead paint pealing and may require an EPA licensed lead-safe renovator contractor. Did you know that any contractor you hire needs to have and should be an EPA licensed lead-safe renovator if they are going to disturb existing lead paint? There are certain rules that apply and both the home/property owner and contractor can be fined up to $37,500.00 a day if a licensed lead-safe renovator contractor is not present and taking the proper precautions, (not to be confused with lead abatement).

Did you know?

Lead Paint Facts as stated in The EPA Renovator Manual:

  • In 1978, the Consumer Products Safety Commission banned the sale of lead paint for residential use.
  • Still today many children are becoming poisoned by lead paint in the homes.
  • Any home pre-1978 may contain led paint
  • Just because your home was build after 1978, don’t assume lead paint doesn’t exist
  • Lead toxins can be passed from the mother to the fetus
  • Many children get lead poisoned from small renovations and repairs in the home
  • Only a tiny amount of lead dust can poison a child
  • Anytime contractors cut, scrape, or sand any existing lead paint it can generate toxic lead dust.
  • Children are more at risk to be poisoned than adults
  • Children play on the floor and can pick up small amounts of lead dust on their hands and ingest it when playing with toys or by placing there hands in their mouth
  • Lead dust partials are so small that you cannot see them and when you swallow or breathe them in you can become poisoned.
  • As of April 22, 2010 the EPA rule states: when lead paint is present and work performed will disturb more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior a licensed lead-safe renovation contractor must be on site This contractor must follow the EPA guidelines. Note, not only the contractor but the property owner as well can be fined up to $37,500 a day if caught.
  • Don’t assume, ask to see the contractors Lead Safe Renovation Contractors License and check with the EPA web site for registration. If lead paint exist; the damage lead paint dust can cause is not worth the risk. EPA guidelines, safety rules and how to “PROTECT YOUR FAMILY” Lead paint can be an unseen toxin in your home and the damage can last a life time.

We at Prestige Coatings never cut corners when the rule applies, it the law. Prestige Coatings is a REGISTERED, EPA LICENSED, LEAD-SAFE RENOVATION CONTRACTOR taking the measures to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY.